Exploring new horizons and abandoning redundant reiterations in favor of originality is a sign not only of intelligence and curiosity, but also confidence and faith in the future.

A Collection Inspired by the Beauty of Nature

With Mathera, the process of recycling the material is brought closer to the world of design. Inspired by the beauty of nature, the collection promises original creative solutions in the name of new linguistic codes, transferring the materialistic consistency and chromatic effects of stone materials onto the surface of the regenerated wood panel.

Lightweight Technology

Mathera inaugurates a new technologically advanced panel, which marks a decisive evolution compared to traditional materials thanks to its significantly lower weight notably simplifying transportation and installation operations, and the ability to be 100% regenerated at the end of its lifecycle.

Ph: Caterina Sansone

Towards the Design of the Future

Mathera was born from the fortuitous encounter between Diego Grandi’s passion, intuition and creative thinking, and SAIB’s pragmatism, entrepreneurial dexterity and aptitude for experimentation. A leading figure in the field of surface design, Diego Grandi has implemented his personal investigation into the expressive potential of surfaces. The result of this synergy is the development of a material with an elevated technical and aesthetic performance.

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